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Sludge treatment and disposal at reduced operating costs

Optimal dewatering and digester processes help to save costs and to drive the production of biogas

Sludge treatment and disposal into the environment is increasingly regulated worldwide, driving the wastewater industry to explore new solutions for sludge disposal, incurring significant costs. To reduce such costs, sludge dewatering to reduce its volume ready for drying or incineration is common. Sludge digestion is also used to provide biogas, a rich energy source. Our monitoring solutions support optimal sludge management, from dewatering efficiency to digester control.

How we can help

The Endress+Hauser monitoring portfolio helps plant operators to drive cost efficiencies, enabling close tracking of dewatering rates versus target and of consumption of the polymers required for sludge conditioning. Moreover, it enables accurate monitoring of the sludge digester environment, ensuring the optimization of the digestion and biogas production process.

  • Advanced Coriolis mass flowmeters for improved dewatering results and reduced polymer consumption

  • Comprehensive biogas measurement portfolio for wet and dry gases for optimized digester control

  • Unique portfolio for wet and dry biogas applications for digester process and conditions monitoring


Accurate sludge conditioner preparation

Polymer solutions for sludge conditioning must be prepared by dilution on site. Polymer solutions are costly, and in order to achieve stable dewatering results and long dewatering cycles, a harmonized polymer concentration is essential.

Accurate sludge conditioner preparation
Our expertise in the field

Our proven portfolio of highly accurate magmeters enables optimal polymer solution concentration and polymer consumption.

  • Accurate volume flow measurement of both the conditioner and the diluting water are ensured

  • Install the magmeters with ease to your sludge conditioning system

  • Extended dewatering cycles with magmeters

Improved dewatering results

Because the achieved polymer concentration can vary, an optimal ratio between polymer and suspended solids in the sludge is not always guaranteed.

Improved dewatering results
Our expertise in the field

Our Coriolis mass flowmeter measure flow and media density opening the possibility of constant polymer agent dosage to the sludge stream and improves the dewatering results significantly.

  • Coriolis mass flowmeter reliably measure solution density

  • Media density measurement allows constant polymer agent dosage

Optimal sludge concentration

Optimized dewatering results are also dependent upon controlled incoming sludge concentration. Density measurement is an established option guaranteeing stable and good sludge dewatering.

Optimal sludge concentration
Our expertise in the field

Through combining our highly accurate magmeter for volume flow with a density sensor you can achieve stable and good sludge dewatering results.

  • Density measurement using Coriolis in very dark sludge is a good alternative

  • Achieve efficient and reliable sludge concentration measurements

  • Stable and optimal sludge dewatering levels guaranteed

Efficient digester processes

Beneficial bacteria must be protected against critical conditions in the sludge digester process.

Efficient digester processes
Our expertise in the field

Our process controls enable you to guarantee an environment within which digester bacteria may flourish.

  • Maintained darkness, an absence of oxygen, constant temperature and a nearly neutral pH value

  • Sufficient retention time and a harmonized load of the process is guaranteed

  • Accurate biogas production professionally monitored

Precise flow and methane measurements in wet biogas

Biogas flow rate and methane concentration are critical parameters indicating process disturbances in anaerobic sludge digestion. However, environmental conditions such as large flow dynamics, water-saturated biogas, changing methane concentration and extremely low pressure make measuring these parameters difficult for most devices.

Precise flow and methane measurements in wet biogas
Our expertise in the field

Our unique ultrasonic flow devices offer a solution to the challenge of measuring biogas flow rate and methane concentration.

  • Track difficult to measure parameters in sludge digestion management

  • Optimal sludge digestion conditions are ensured

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Sludge treatment in the wastewater indutry ©Endress+Hauser
Centrifuge for dewateringin during the sludge treatment ©Endress+Hauser
Digester control for sludge treatment ©Endress+Hauser


Striking the balance between legislative obligations and cost efficiency is one of the main challenges in the wastewater industry today. Our industry consultants all over the world are familiar with your local requirements and can make specific recommendations on how to improve your processes. Based on their expertise and and our dedicated instrumentation portfolio they achieved remarkable results together with our customers.

  • 20%

    cost savings due to less consumption of conditioner chemicals

  • +13.000

    employees worldwide

  • 60+

    years of experience in measurement instrumentation

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